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Here at Bolt, we believe in making products built to last, which is why our lightning series line of racks were designed to satisfy the needs of athletes and gyms all across the spectrum. 

The raptor, much like the rebel takes the best components of a collapsible and power rack and brings them together. Both have the versatility of a power rack, yet the compactness of a collapsible making them the best of both worlds. However, the raptor comes with upgrades such as two extra uprights in the back, as well as eight plate pins for storage. 

The rack was made from heavy seven and 11 gauge steel and finished with a fine powder coating. A powder coating makes the rack highly resistant to chipping or scratching while also giving it a uniform finish. 

This rack comes with a standard pull-up bar, as well as a pair of j-hooks that have been double welded to ensure durability. We've also reinforced each upright with a welded angle bracket which gives it maximum stability. 

As with all Bolt equipment, all racks are built with high-quality raw materials and have passed strict quality control measures.

*Does not come with spotter arms as shown in picture

Specifications of product: 

  • Length: 55.25"
  • Width: 74"
  • Height: 91"
  • Product weight: 239 LB
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    LS RAPTOR Half Rack

    Bolt LS RAPTOR Squat Stand 90" Uprights

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