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Width: 72 Inches

Length:  54 Inches

Height:  92 Inches

Weight:  525 lbs excluding the weight stacks

    4th May 2022 by Garreth JeremiahQuestion: What is the weight limit for the safeties, J-Cups, smith and what is the cable ratio?
    11th April 2022 by Chase McDanielQuestion: Is there a wait time on this?
    5th April 2022 by Matthew PQuestion: What is the size of the half rack uprights? Will other manufacturers' hardware (e.g. J Cups) work?
    23rd March 2022 by Mark DQuestion: How much is the weight stack? How many weight stacks are there on this unit? Answer:

    It comes with 2 weight stacks. Each are 250lbs

    6th January 2022 by Juan HernandezQuestion: How much is the Weight stack Answer:

    each weight stack is 250lb 

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    ***PRE-ORDER*** ALPHA Smith Machine Functional Trainer All in 1 Combo

    ***PRE-ORDER*** Bolt ALPHA Smith Machine Functional Trainer All in 1 Combo

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