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Width:  4 Inches

Length:  34 Inches

Height:  95 Inches

Weight Stack:  250 lbs

Guide Rods:  Chromed 1 Inch Solid Steel

Frames:  3 Inch x 3 Inch 11 Gauge Steel, 2 Inch x 3 Inch 11 Gauge Steel, and 2 Inch x 2 Inch x 14 Gauge Steel

    14th November 2022 by Ben JonesQuestion: Does this product ship fully assembled?
    18th October 2022 by Felix PegueroQuestion: I have a rep PR5000 power rack. 93” tall and 1” bolts. Will this fit my rack?
    3rd October 2022 by JohnQuestion: Why can’t this item be shipped? Answer:

    The price of the shipping is too expensive for this item.

    12th July 2022 by Larry LernerQuestion: Can this be wall mounted? Answer:

    It is possible as longest you have something strong to hold it and also have to make you is mounted with the right screws.

    19th April 2022 by rubenQuestion: WHAT ARE THE HOLE SIZE? Answer:

    1" holes 

    7th April 2022 by JordanQuestion: What is the ratio on the pulley system? 1:1 1:2? Answer:

    its a 2:1 ratio 

    20th February 2022 by Dan carlo SalumbidesQuestion: Can I attach this to my 3x3 1 inch rack height 80” Answer:

    we dont test out our equipment with other manufacturers

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    SS PROWLER Selectorized Single Column Pulley Attachment

    Bolt SS PROWLER Selectorized Single Column Pulley Attachment

    Categories: Storm Attachments

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