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2- LIGHTNING  Plate--45 lb
4- LIGHTNING  Plate--25 lb
2- LIGHTNING  Plate--10 lb
2- LIGHTNING  Plate--5 lb
2- LIGHTNING  Plate—2.5 lb
1-The TUSK 44 Lb Barbell
1-Collar Rubber Blue

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    LIGHTNING Rubber Coated Weight Plate Set Set 270 Lb

    Included:2- LIGHTNING Plate--45 lb4- LIGHTNING Plate--25 lb2- LIGHTNING Plate--10 lb2- LIGHTNING Plate--5 lb2- LIGHTNING Plate—2.5 lb1-The TUSK 44 Lb Barbell1-Collar Rubber Blue

    Categories: Weights, Rubber Coated Plates, Lightning Rubber Plates

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