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Bolt's freedom single-column pulley is similar to the freestanding single-column pulley, with upgraded features. The freedom pulley has a higher weight stack (220lb), a steel frame, and aluminum pulleys, giving it commercial-grade quality. This machine is highly versatile; it can be used for chest, back, arm, and shoulder workouts. With its versatility and ergonomic design, the freedom pulley would make a great addition to any residential or commercial gym.

Specifications of product:

Length: 36"

Width: 36"

Height: 94"

    13th June 2022 by Andrew GrantQuestion: Do you sell a leg attachment to create a lat pulldown option for this?
    24th March 2022 by Bob LawQuestion: Can this be used for lat pull down Answer:

    it can be used for lat pul down just a leg hold down isnt provided 

    18th March 2022 by WilliamQuestion: Does this ship assembled or will I need to put it together? And will a truck line deliver it to a house or will it need a dock?
    7th November 2021 by Jason MorrisQuestion: Is the ratio 1:1 or does it change depending on the position? Answer:

    its a 2:1 ratio.

    14th October 2021 by Brandon RogersQuestion: Double the price now? This was listed for 675 at one point Answer:

    Hi Brandon. 

    Thank you for contacting us. You are probably looking at another single pulley that has less capacity on the weigth stack and has a lower value. Additionally our availability and prices are subject to change.

    If you need any more information please let us know. 



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    ARCHER Single Column Pulley

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