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Here at Bolt, we believe in creating equipment built to last, which is why our Decagon weight plates are made with hardy cast iron and strong rubber. Our rubber coating protects against floor damage while also reducing the clanking you hear from classic cast iron plates. Our plates include 2" holes, making them compatible with Olympic barbells. The decagon plates are different than other plates at Bolt because they come with three handles for easy lifting. However, we also offer Lightning weights for the fans of a circular plate. 

Set includes:

  • ​​​​​1 PAIR (2 SINGLE)-Decagon Rubber Coated Weight Plate--45 LB
  • 2 PAIR (2 SINGLE)-Decagon Rubber Coated Weight Plate--25 LB
  • 1 PAIR (2 SINGLE)-Decagon Rubber Coated Weight Plate--10 LB
  • 1 PAIR (2 SINGLE)-Decagon Rubber Coated Weight Plate--5 LB
  • 1 PAIR (2 SINGLE)-Decagon Rubber Coated Weight Plate--2.5 LB
  • 1- The TUSK 44 Lb Barbell
  • 1 PAIR- Collar Rubber Blue


Specifications of set: 

The TUSK 44 Lb Barbell

  • 500LB Capacity
  • 28mm diameter
  • Polished Chrome coating
  • Product weight: 20 kg (44LB)
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    Decagon Weight Plate Set- 270 Lb

    Includes:1-Decagon--45 lb (Pair), 2-Decagon--25 lb (Pair),1-Decagon--10 lb (Pair),1-Decagon--5 lb (Pair), 1-Decagon--2.5 lb (Pair), 1-The TUSK 44 Lb Barbell1- Collar Rubber Blue (Pair).

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