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The functional trainer is a highly versatile cable pulley system, it gives you the freedom to perform full body exercises, all with one machine. The functional trainer features 12 cable positions, which can be used for back, shoulders, chest, and legs. To ensure durability, the functional trainer is made of 2 inch x 4 inch welded powder coated tubing, and has aluminum pulleys. The functional trainer includes two 275-pound weight stacks, which have a 2:1 ratio. To add even more variety to your workouts, you can purchase one of the many cable pulley attachments we sell.

Specifications of product: 

  • Length: 75"
  • Width:  43"
  • Height: 96.50"
  • Weight: 993 LB
    3rd June 2022 by Colton NewellQuestion: What are the increments of each plate? 5lbs, 10lbs?
    7th January 2022 by Jeremy CoffinQuestion: Do you ship to Canada?
    6th January 2022 by Roger tutorQuestion: are the cable line availible for purchase because mine broke on my dual cable machine Answer:

    Hi Roger. 

    Unfortunately we do not sell replacement parts.

    13th December 2021 by TylerQuestion: Is the machine build to fit into a corner? 90° angle?
    21st October 2021 by DarrenQuestion: What sort of system is used for the cable adjustment trolley (rollers, wheels, etc.)?
    18th October 2021 by DarrenQuestion: What gauge steel is this functional trainer made with? Answer:

    Hi Darren, 

    Thank you for asking us. Its 11" gauge steel for this machine. 

    If you need any more info, please give us a call. 

    9th October 2021 by DarrenQuestion: Are the pulleys aluminum? Answer:

    Hi Darren. 

    Thank you for contacting us. That is correct. All the pulleys are Aluminum material. 

    If you need any more information, Please let us know.


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    Freedom Functional Trainer

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