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Compatible with Bolt’s Lightning Series 2x3 Racks, SILVERBACK, MACHINE, and WARRIOR. Our rack extension kits are made to save space in your home gym, add organization, and extra plate storage. Expand your Lightning Series Rack!


- Add 4 Plate pins to your rack with the 24" Rack Extension Kit.

- Now includes a 43" Pull-up Bar.

- 4 24" X-bars with 5/8th bolts and attachments.

- 2 90" uprights and 11 Guage Steel for solid support.


- Height: 90"

- Inside Width: 43"

- 24" length addition to your Rack

- Material: 11 Guage Steel



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    Lightning Series 24 Inch Power Rack Extension Kit

    Bolt Lightning Series 24" Power Rack Extension Kit For LS Power Rack

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