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The Storm Series line of power racks were built and designed to satisfy the needs of commercial gyms, collegiate and high school facilities, and avid athletes.

The Storm Series FORCE 41.5 inch Collapsible rack is ideal for anyone with limited space. Start bench pressing, doing squats, and any other exercises that interest you, within minutes after installing the rack to your wall.  

Utilize your gym in anyway you please. You can park your car one day and the next be working out in your garage gym.
The Storm Series power racks use standard 3x3" uprights with a standard pull-up bar. The featured pin and hinge system allows you to quickly remove the pull up bar after the workout, and simply fold the rack up against the wall when you're done. 



  • Collapsible to conserve space
  • Great for commercial or home gym 
  • Powder Coated Steel â€‹
  • Two 7 gauge steel J-cups included  
  • 1.25" Standard pull-up bar included
  • Does not include stringers and mounting hardware



  • Components:  3" x 3"
  • Steel:  11 Gauge powder coated steel
  • Hardware: 1"
  • Mounting Pins: 1"
  • Length: 91"
  • Width: 53.5"
  • Depth: 47"
  • Weight: 184 LB


    SS FORCE 41.5 Collapsible/Foldable Rack

    Bolt SS FORCE 41.5" Collapsible Rack 3"x3" - 7 and 11 Gauge Steel with 1 Inch Attachment Pins and 1 Inch Hardware

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