How Nutrition Enhances Athletic Performance

Date: 27-02-2023 Category: Nutrition

Here at Bolt Fitness Supply, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet as well as keeping track of all the nutrients a person consumes. The results from working out depend heavily on what you eat. Giving your body the proper diet as well as the correct amount of nutrients will provide it with the energy it needs. Missing out on sufficient nutrition can cause fatigue, reduce muscle mass, and lower bone density. 

Staying Healthy

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a consistent workout routine are great ways of staying healthy. However, making sure to eat well is also key to becoming the best version of yourself. There are several aspects in regard to eating well. Ensuring that your calories, carbohydrates, fluids, protein and mineral intake are all well balanced is of utmost importance. 


Distinct Diets

A healthy diet is not too different from an athletic diet, however, certain food group intake depends on the type of sport, amount of training, and amount of time spent exercising. The amount of exercise that is needed for a person heavily depends on how much food intake they receive on a daily basis. 


Carbohydrates are stored in the muscles and liver, and are needed in order to provide sufficient energy during a workout. They are low in fat and provide fiber, vitamins, nutrients, and energy. More than half of your daily calorie intake should include carbohydrates. Carbohydrates may include pasta, bagels, rice, and whole grain breads. 


Protein is key for muscle growth as well as repairing body tissue. Although it has been reported that most Americans eat twice as much protein as is needed. Maintaining balance between your carbohydrates and proteins is important, as they are a vital source of energy during exercising. Proteins include meats, fish, eggs, cheese, and milk. Alternatives for vegans may also include beans, chick-peas, and mushrooms.

Learn more about vegan and vegetarian nutrition with the links below:

Fluids are essential nutrients for athletes, as they keep the body hydrated as well as regulate temperatures. Staying hydrated during a workout will help provide a tiny boost of energy, and prevent any injuries from dehydration. 

There are numerous ways to begin incorporating a healthy diet and maintaining a sufficient amount of nutrient intakes. By researching online, as well as reaching out to local resources. We linked below two websites that provide more information on receiving nutritional guidance. HEB offers great nutrition services, and thumbtack is a wonderful website to find a nutritionist in Houston.



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